We Are Closed

We had to close our doors as of the end of June, 2020. We would like to thank the community of Cheney for supporting us throughout the years and Sensei Mary Baše for starting the dojo in 1998. I took over in 2013 and have really enjoyed teaching children and adults the art of Goju-Ryu karate. It has never been about money for me, but the recent pandemic has made it impossible for me to keep the dojo open.

Tyler and I have always enjoyed passing on to the students what has been given to us. It’s been a joy and a privilege to be a part of the Cheney business community all of these years. A big thank you to the Masonic Temple who has helped us try and stay open these last several months.

I will be once again teaching at my instructor’s school, Spokane Karate Center (www.spokanekarate.com), so I can continue to train and teach students of all ages. All West Plains Karate students are encouraged to join Sensei Gene Villa’s school where they can continue their Goju-Ryu training. He has been teaching for over 30 years, so you will get top notch training.

Thank you again for your support!


Mark Taylor
Head Instructor
West Plains Karate